The Power Superhero – Ms. Chantelle Abdul

The Power Superhero – Ms. Chantelle Abdul

There are women who have outrightly defied the – very thick, but thinning – female entry barrier to the Nigerian power sector and found a niché for themselves and have metamorphosed into trailblazers. One of such women is Chantelle Abdul – the Managing Director of Mojec International. Mojec International is an international holding company with subsidiaries in the power sector, energy, real estate and retail sector with operations across Africa and Asia. Mojec international recurrently called MOJEC is ranked as one of the indigenous companies in corporate Nigeria.

By being a leading Electricity EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor to the electricity distribution companies and other African utilities on transmission and distribution of projects, MOJEC has excelled to the position of market leader and innovator in metering. MOJEC manufactures and supplies a variety of meters and spearheads the metering technology by creating meters that are tailored for the African continent produced in Nigeria.

Although MOJEC became a household name in Nigeria markets because of its meters, it has strong foothold in the real estate and retail sector as well as the oil and gas industry – with over 3 years of operations.

Every Unicorn was first a startup and the transition from good to great is largely dependent on the team and driver. In the case of MOJEC, the driver is Chantelle Abdul. Chantelle has been referred to as “a consummate business woman”, “The Quintessential Woman Entrepreneur”


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