How To Join The League Of Modern Gentlemen

How To Join The League Of Modern Gentlemen

Character, intelligence, strength and style; these are the qualities that make a gentleman. Of all the four qualities though, style for men is the most relegated. But remember, the first step to being respected is to look respectable, and irrespective of your character and intelligence, your style is the first thing the world notices. Here are a few tips to help you join the league of modern gentlemen.

Suit Up

The key to looking good in a suit is fit. Classic is best and most useful. More importantly, it’s the way you wear it and not the label inside that impresses. Pro-tip: white shirts are always in vogue, so when in doubt stick to the classics.

Don’t Compromise On Quality Time Pieces

A watch is like a piece of art, so respect yourself and know that you deserve the best of what you can afford. Be practical, but don’t throw out aesthetics. Remember, it’s one of the only accessories that are universally acceptable for men, so make it count.

A Splash Of Colour Will Stand You Out

Whether your look for the day is casual, formal or somewhere in between, the modern gentleman is not afraid to indulge with a bit of colour. A purple tie paired with a light pink shirt in a dark coloured suit can be all the colour you need. Or the stripped colourful socks that peek neatly below the hem of your trousers that modern men seem to favour these days. Whatever you do, colour isn’t so bad and can be your ticket to becoming a modern gentleman. Just don’t overdo it.

Look Neat, Smell Right

Some men walk into a room and everyone just gravitates towards them. Be that man! Work on your looks. Ensure your visits to the barber are worth it. Appear neat at all times. Face hairs and all other hairs should be neatly trimmed. Also, you need to smell right. Invest in the right kind of deodorant. Perfumes are great and you should have a few you like, but they can’t cover up odours that the human body produces. Deodorants, on the other hand, do an excellent job of combating smells even before they surface. No modern gentleman walks around with an avoidable odour, so choose your scents wisely.

Underwear Isn’t Outerwear

When it comes to underwear for men, there are two important things the modern gentleman has to note. First, stay away from prints and heavily branded pieces, they are for schoolboys and youngsters still discovering and experimenting with their personality. Besides, it lacks sophistication. Stick to solid colours and cotton in whatever style you prefer. Secondly, there is no reason your underwear should become visible to the public eye. Exposed underwear through sagging or other fashion choices is never sexy or sophisticated.


Two things asides your clothes tell the world what kind of man you are; your wristwatch and your shoes. When it comes to shoes, comfort and quality must go hand-in-hand. Simply let your shoes do the talking.


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